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Biting Dog Training Professional Working Dog

Biting Dog Training Professional Working Dog


SKU: CJJJCWGY04058 Categories:

Name: Dog training bite stick

Dimensions: length 30 cm, width 7 cm

Product category: bite toys

Material: Hemp

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 310 × 80 × 80 cm


71 reviews for Biting Dog Training Professional Working Dog

  1. P***M

    Good product, as described. At the moment hold the strength and bite of my German Shepherd. Fast shipping

  2. T***y

    Perfect. I recommend it. The dog loved it. We'll be training. Thanks to the seller. It takes 2 weeks. Fast delivery.

  3. E***a

    Came for 27 dnev. Yakysna. Uncle!
    no remark

  4. H***n

    All right, my dog is happy
    no remarkno remark

  5. A***a

    Conform to the description ….. beautiful sturdy! Seller recommended!

  6. M***z

    Fast and good product

  7. E***r

    All right and pretty fast delivery.
    Thank you

  8. O***r

    Arrive hard, suitable for puppies, נראלי שכלבים big ייפרקו it
    no remark

  9. E***r

    Highly recommended 15 days it takes to arrive in Spain.
    no remark

  10. C***d

    Very exactly as you say,

  11. D***s

    Second time I buy these. Very high quality. Lasts long for strong biter. Dutch Sheppard.

  12. T***u

    fast delivery, great product
    no remark

  13. T***u

    fast delivery, great product
    no remark

  14. T***u

    great quality , fast delivery
    no remark

  15. S***V

    Good qulity

  16. N***i

    Quality product, it's top speed of the week and a half

  17. M***e

    It's very fast.
    And strong.

  18. B***e

    Seems durable. So far my Malinois has not destroyed it.

  19. N***a

    Thank you so much! The dog is crazy about the toy!
    no remark

  20. E***a

    Внешне выглядит вполне качественно.

  21. T***i

    Loved it! It seems to handle the biting and pulling for now.

  22. 8***r

    N is very tough but for what it costs
    I recommend 100% in 10 days I was home, not like other vendors.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  23. M***k

    Všetko OK
    no remark

  24. I***r

    super nice

  25. T***v

    נעראה good

  26. E***p

    Todo perfecto

  27. N***r

    אחלה product exactly as the picture quality good

  28. M***a

    Very fast and the material and quality recommend
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  29. M***a

    Fully corresponds to the description. Well stitched, no foreign smells. Suitable for playing with dogs of large breeds. I ordered 27.12, on January 23 I received an order in Krasnoyarsk. Given the new year holidays, the parcel quickly arrived.
    no remarkno remark

  30. H***i

    As expected!

  31. D***m

    Very good toy voor my dog. Thank you so much

  32. S***N

    Great quality, seems resistant, will see with time. Quick shipping
    no remark

  33. J***s

    fast shipping, strong material, dog loves it

  34. N***r

    Nice toy but the handles were chewed off within 5 minutes…
    no remark

  35. M***n

    cool thanks the best !

  36. D***r

    Thank you very much.

  37. S***i

    Top fast shipping

  38. P***t

    Finally received it!

  39. W***a

    My doggy is midium and it's perfect. For bigger dogs I don't think so.

  40. P***n

    Good quality,
    Should slightly larger.

  41. K***a


  42. F***t

    Dogs loved their new sleeve

  43. I***m


  44. I***k

    The dog is happy, the mistress is happy.
    no remark

  45. R***r

    Very durable, hard material
    no remark

  46. R***r

    Материал средней жёсткости
    no remark

  47. C***m

    Nice sleeve for small dogs only! My 40kg doberman bites very tight and hard. You can really feel it though the sleeve. Even the teeth will go through. Can only use for initial bite, after that the teeth go in!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  48. V***a

    Thank you satisfied with a good toy for malinua.

  49. O***a

    классные колбаски

  50. C***r

    Super air quality

  51. H***s

    Entrega Rápida em Portugal. Apenas 12 dias após a encomenda. Produto igual ao anunciado é de boa qualidade. Recomendo
    no remark

  52. J***i

    Looking great

  53. E***k

    Good quality

  54. S***s

    Only one week lasted. Looks as expected, firm and the dog is happy with it! I go more often!
    no remark

  55. B***b

    Very good product came before time arrive day 25 arrived on 22 March. Very satisfied recommend
    no remark

  56. C***o

    Great, you 've outdone my expectations more! Fantastic!
    No odors, well packed and seams look tough.
    I ship very fast, I ordered it on 18-03 and I got it 24-03.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  57. K***n

    no remarkno remark

  58. Y***f

    Nice toy, but it should be used in pups or little dogs. My amstaff broke it in minutes

  59. J***l

    All the best, good quality

  60. O***a

    Big toy.
    no remarkno remark

  61. A***i

    no remarkno remark

  62. S***i

    as described, perfect

  63. J***t


  64. J***t


  65. S***v

    All as in the description the quality is good, I recommend.

  66. F***o

    It feels good stuff, my dog liked it.

  67. M***m

    Just totally amazing! Loved it My GSD is in love with it!

  68. V***i

    Received very quickly happy with the product
    no remark

  69. S***r

    Compliant and quick reception

  70. I***z

    my dog like it very much

  71. R***y

    Very fast delivery hood quality
    no remark

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