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Cat Tumbler Track Cat Turntable

Cat Tumbler Track Cat Turntable


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1. Educational food leakage turntable toy. The middle layer of the toy is a cat turntable toy, which has the function of food leakage. The turntable can be rotated under the action of the cat’s external force. Open the transparent top cover of the turntable, and you can put cat food or snacks inside. When the turntable rotates, the snacks can slide down to the snack aisles on both sides as a reward for playing and improving the cat’s intelligence.

2. A variety of cat cat stick designs, a cat cat stick with cat cat stick is designed on the top of the toy. Two sets of funny cat sticks are also designed on both sides of the intermediate turntable. The cat can turn the turntable by turning the cat stick. This design with multiple funny cat parts will bring more and longer play fun to the cat.

3. Multi-functional fun cat toy, this is a multi-functional fun cat toy that integrates trackball, leaking carousel, funny cat stick and other functions. It is also a pet IQ-assisted improvement toy. The multifunctional design can better suck the bow|cat’s fun.

4. Trackball toys, the bottom of the toy is a transparent track. There are multiple cat balls on the track. The cat can use the cat’s paw to move the cat ball on the track. The cat ball will rotate along a circular orbit and suck the bow|cat’s game interest; when the cat is bored or at home alone, it can alleviate the troubles of being unaccompanied, so that the cat will not damage the family’s furniture, clothes, etc.

5. Anti-dumping design, 250mm large size chassis design, 4 anti-skid rubber pads at the bottom. This stable non-slip design prevents the cat from knocking over the toy while playing.

Product information:

material: plastic

Product category: cat toys

Weight: 551g

Is it a gift: No

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Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 271 × 271 × 179 cm

Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow


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